Classroom Service

Lady Shaw Building (LSB)LSB C4 (G/F)

The following equipment has been installed in Lady Shaw Building - LSB C4.


Audio Equipment

  • Audio Equipment

    • Sound System
    • Lectern Microphone
    • Wireless Clip Microphone x 2
    • Ceiling Microphone x 2


    Video Equipment

    • 75” Interactive Display Panel x 2

    • 65” Interactive Display Panel x 10

    • Visual Presenter


    Computing Equipment

    • Built-in Computer
    • Wireless Presenter
    • AppleTV
    • HDMI Input for Notebook
    • Campus Network Connection - ClassNet
    • Wireless LAN - Wi-Fi Service



    • Central Control System
    • Webcam
    • Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter


- For operation of central control system, please refer to AV Equipment User's Guide.

- To get the digital lock password, please check with Access to AV Equipment Cabinet.

- To get the number of seats, please visit Registration and Examinations Section, Registry.