Classroom Service

Apple TV in selected classrooms and lecture theatres

Apple TV has been installed in selected lecture theatres / classrooms to enable the teaching staff using mobile Apple devices, such as iPads or iPhones on teaching purpose. Images of the devices are wirelessly projected (‘airplayed”) onto the projection screens in the lecture theatres / classrooms. This set up allows the teaching staff to move freely around during the lecture.

CKB UG03-UG05, 1/F, 7/F CYT LT1AB, 201,202, 203, 209, 214
LSK LT1-4, 201-212, 3/F, 4/F ELB 2/F, 3/F, 4/F
SB UG06, 239, LT2 FYB UG01-UG02, 405, 603, LT4
WMY 303 HYS G01, G03, G04, G05, 501
YIA LT1-LT9, 6/F LHC G/F, 1/F
SC 139, L1,L2, L3, L4, L5, LG23 MMW 702-704, 706-707, 710, 715
ERB 4/F,7/F,8/F, ERB LT BMS LT, G18, BMS1, BMS2
LSB C1-C4 UCC 108, 114, 201, 207
UCA103, 104, 105, 111 NAH12