Access to AV Equipment Cabinet

For security reason, AV equipment (except overhead projector) is kept inside the AV equipment cabinets in the respective classrooms.

Users have to obtain a PASSWORD from the concerned Classroom Management Offices to access the individual AV cabinets in classrooms.
Wen Lan Tang LG1, Wen Lan Tang
394 37363 - Information Counter
United College Room 201, Tsang Shiu Tim Building
394 37575 - Information Counter
New Asia College Room 106, Cheng Ming Building
394 39589 - Ms. Angela Leung
Institute of Chinese Studies Room 105, Institute of Chinese Studies
394 37394 - Ms. Betty Yau
Lady Shaw Building
Science Centre
Room 142, Science Centre "North"
394 36326 - Ms. Mic Kwan
Ho Sin-Hang Engineering Building Room 606, Ho Sin-Hang Engineering Building
394 35189 - Ms. Daisy Tsui
Tse Chiu Kit Room G2, Chung Chi Admin Building
394 36451 - Ms. Rebecca Tsui

Academic Building 1
Chen Kou Bun Building
Cheng Yu Tung Building
Esther Lee Building
Hui Yeung Shing Building
Sino Building
William M W Mong Engineering Building
Wong Foo Yuan Building
Wu Ho Man Yuen Building
Yasumoto International Academic Park
Basic Medical Sciences Building
Fung King Hey Building
Lee Shau Kee Building
Lee Shau Kee Architecture Building
Li Dak Sum Building
Leung Kau Kui Building
Mong Man Wai Building
Y C Liang Hall

Estates and Maintenance Building Annex

394 36262 - Circulation Counter
Ho Tim Building Room G1, Ho Tim Building
394 31318 - Ms. Florence Chan

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