Multi-purpose Classrooms. Tel : 394 36060
AVSU provides technical support service for language teaching in 9 Multi-purpose Classrooms. All in Lee Shau Kee Building and Yasumoto International Academic Park are installed with SANAKO Lab 100 language learning system and equipped with student notebook computer for individual students. In addition, a wide range of AV teaching aids similar to other classrooms are provided.

  Use of Multi-purpose Classrooms computer
- LSK 401 30 seats
LSK 404 30 seats
LSK 408 30 seats
LSK 410 30 seats
LSK 416 30 seats
YIA 603 30 seats
YIA 605 30 seats
YIA 607 30 seats
YIA 608 30 seats
- Booking for class teaching can be made at the Registration and Examinations Section.
- Student can connect to campus WIFI and access Internet with their CWEM account.

Recording Studio Tel : 394 36060
Besides the Multi-purpose Classrooms , there is a Recording Studio located at room LSK 403. The recording studio can be booked by teachers to produce their teaching materials. Various kinds of professional audio recording software and hardware including Audacity, Cubase LE4 audio recording software, AKG C4000B professional microphone, Tascam CC 222 SL MKII CD/Cassette Combo Recorder, Hard Disk Reorder, etc. are installed in the room.
  User's Guidelines 403d
- Fax the completed booking form to AVSU at least three working days in advance.  The form can be downloaded here.
- Booking of the studio is provided on a first-come-first-served basis during term periods.
- Service hours:
Mondays - Fridays (except University holidays)
09:15 - 12:30
14:30 - 16:30
- Teachers can book the room for producing language teaching materials on their own free of charge.
- Teachers can also book the room for recording in a group of up to 4 members with technical support by an AV technician at HK$400/hour.
- For security reason, the studio is only accessible within the first 15 minutes of the reserved time. Users who fail to show up at the specified time without prior notice will have the booking cancelled.
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