Upper Level
- T. C. Cheng Bldg (UCC)
- Humanities Bldg (NAH)
- Shaw College LT (SWC LT)
- Tsang Shiu Tim Bldg (UCA)
- Wen Lan Tang (WLS)

- Basic Medical Sciences Bldg (BMS)
- Fung King Hey Bldg (KHB)
- Ho Sin Hang Engg Bldg (SHB)
- Institute of Chinese Studies (ICS)
- Lady Shaw Bldg (LSB)
- Lee Shau Kee Bldg (LSK)
- Li Dak Sum Bldg (LDS)
- Y. C. Liang Hall (LHC)
- Mong Man Wai Bldg (MMW)
- Science Centre (SC)
- William M W Mong Engg Bldg (ERB)

Lower Level
- Lee Shau Kee Architecture Building (ARC)
- Chen Kou Bun Bldg (CKB)
- Cheng Yu Tung Bldg (CYT)
- Esther Lee Bldg (ELB)
- Ho Tim Bldg (HTB)
- Hui Yeung Shing Bldg (HYS)
- Sino Bldg (SB)
- Tse Chiu Kit Room (CK TSE)
- Wu Ho Man Yuen Bldg (WMY)
- Wong Foo Yuan Bldg (FYB)
- Yasumoto International Academic Park (YIA)

Yasumoto International Academic Park - YIA LT3

The following equipment has been installed in Yasumoto International Academic Park - YIA LT3.

Equipment List
Audio Equipment
  • Sound System
  • Lectern Microphone
  • Wireless Clip Microphone
Video Equipment
  • LCD Projector x 2
  • Blu-ray Player
  • Visual Presenter
Computing Equipment
  • Built-in Computer
  • Wireless Presenter
  • AppleTV
  • VGA Input for Notebook (with 3.5mm Phone Jack)
  • Campus Network Connection - ClassNet
  • Wireless LAN - Wi-Fi Service
  • Central Control System
  • Screen
  • HDMI Input
  • Auxiliary Audio / Video Input (RCA Socket)

- For operation of central control system, please refer to AV Equipment Operation Manual.

- To get the digital lock password, please check with Access to AV Equipment Cabinet.

- To get the number of seats, please visit Registration and Examinations Section, Registry.

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